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Lynk announces deals

brown and white lynx in close photography

Newspace satellite company Lynk global announced deals with telcos Aliv (Bahamas) and Telecel (Centrafrique) that will provide Lynk satellite access for short text messages (SMS) in areas where their customers lose network connectivity.

Some further (personal) comments here:

  • Lynk Global was one of the pioneers in sending “telecom towers” to space, hoping to provide seamless connectivity to customers through roaming agreements with traditional telcos. As such, they are pioneers in the convergence of Space with Telecoms
  • However with just 5 satellites launched, limited finances and a pack of new competitors in the “5G by satellite” field, Lynk has lost its position as a leader
  • The announcement is positive, but the mentionned operators are not leaders either… This sounds more like PR to hope to exist in the picture.

Full article here.

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