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WISeKey announces a secure IoT smallsats constellation

US security company Wisekey (I have a doubt on the correct pronounciation…) is developing a constellation aimed at climate change monitoring via its Swiss subsidiary WISeSat AG. WISESat has already launched some picosatellites for Space based IoT in cooperation with Spanish-based FOSSA system (as a matter of fact, these satellites are Fossa satellites). WISaSat specializes in security and provides a secure element to encrypt the communications. Apparently up to 88 satellites are being prepared for launch to have a full constellation in orbit.

The satellite is an interesting piece: a so called picosatellite of a form factor of approximately 5x5x15cm and a weight less than 1kg. This allows for masssive cost reduction in production and launches, albeit the lifetime of the satellite is probably not that long. And the title image is not this satellite, just a DallE-3 fantasy…

To conclude on this piece of news, IoT is certainly the area that is easiest to address with small or ultra-small satellites. However, the markets they target are anything but new and it is unclear that security will bring a key competitive advantage. In addition, no word on frequencies used or on real world contracts or distributors. At this stage, it seems more like a marketing effort for the mother company than a real project.

I will be back online in September!

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