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Starlink keeps growing: 3M+ subscribers

Starlink announced availability of its service in Indonesia, the 99th country where it is available. With 17000 dispersed islands and a population of almost 300M, Indonesia is a country that needs a technology like Starlink to increase connectivity among its people. While personal GDP is still low, Starlink is the most affordable solution available for that.

The following figure shows the growth of Starlink subscribers from the disclosed figures. The growth rate is quite stable at 100000 adds per month. The key question being how long can this growth be sustained as most key countries are now opened and satellite capacity has its limits…

In 2023, Starlink revenues were estimated at $4.2Billion, surpassing the launch revenues from SPaceX of $3.5Billion. The ARPU is estimated at 1800$ and will decrease in the future (NB: ARPU includes terminal cost, paid only once and the monthly which decline over time). To compare with other legacy players: SES revenues were 2B€ in 2023, Eutelsat 1,1B€, Viasat $2.8B… The growth of Starlink in just a few years is just astonishing and demonstrates the capacity of the company both to deliver a product/servcice and to address a market need.

With already new services on the horizon, like Direct to Device and IoT, there is still ample room for growth in the future.

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